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Commercial Packaging

Packaging for Confectionery industry :

Modern equipment that we possess makes us stand out from the other companies as a reliable and creative supplier. By using various types of varnishes, embossing, and foils we can guarantee a specific look for the confectionery packaging. Product safety is warranted by FSSC 22000 standard (The Foundation for Food Safety Certification).



Packaging for Tobacco industry :

Our company has mastered the complexity of producing these types of packaging by manufacturing them for more than ten years. Therefore, our company is considered as a very reliable supplier, with precise manufacturing and control of raw materials in order to satisfy the requirements of highly productive machines in the tobacco industry. Our manufacture successfully applies the complex concept designs for packaging for leading tobacco companies by using various techniques such as offset-flexo technique, varnish effect, various shades of color, and basic materials for printing.



Packaging for Cosmetics industry :

The appearance of the packaging for the cosmetics industry is a key communication between the producer and the customer, and requires constant thinking and strategy in order to convey a message. Design of such types of packaging requires development of existing technologies and implementation of the new ones, and even though it represents a great challenge for us we've always managed to offer unique and top quality design solutions to our clients.



Packaging for Chemical industry :

By utilizing the special barrier cardboard, special blister varnishes, as well as precise manufacture, we guarantee the security and stability of packaged chemical materials, as well as the quality and functionality of the packaging.




Packaging for Food industry :

Packaging for this branch of industry comes in different shapes and sizes, made from various materials, and it guarantees the product safety as well as the commercial character of the packaging. We are producing packaging for various uses, from sugar to ice cream and frozen food packaging. Product safety is warranted by FSSC 22000 standard (The Foundation for Food Safety Certification).



Packaging for Pharmacy industry

Packaging that we manufacture for the Pharmacy industry use are guaranteed to meet the requirements of highly productive machines, guarantee product safety as well as neatly arrangement of information on the packaging, including the Braille tactile writing system.




Packaging for other uses

Clothing and Footwear industry



Electronic industry



Alcohol drinks industry