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Manufacture of corrugated cardboard and packaging made from corrugated cardboard

A fully automated machine is used for the production of wavy three-layer and five-layer cardboard, as well as open waves.
The complete process from the production of glue to the final product is automated, all in order to satisfy the customers.


Agnati machine

This machine is used for the production of corrugated cardboard (3-layer or 5-layer). It is fully automated, consists of two corrugators and is equiped with automatic paper continuation.


Roll of wavy corrugated


Starch-based adhesive/glue, which is used for cardboard manufacturing, is made by the automated system for glue mixing. Work speed of this machine is 250m/min, and the max format with which we can work is 2500mm (paper width).




On this machine we can process different types of paper (Kraftliner, Testliner, Fluting, Schrenz) Cardboards are produced in a variety of quality categories: C-wave (big corrugation), B-wave (small corrugation), E-wave (micro corrugation), CE-wave (combination of big and micro corrugation), CB-wave (combination of big and small corrugation) and BE-wave (combination of small and micro corrugation).