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Transport Packaging

In the Production sector of Avala Ada for corrugated cardboard we are manufacturing:

1. Three-layer cardboard sheet in E, B and C quality

2. Five-layer cardboard sheets in the quality of CB, CE and EB. These sheets we make from cellulose and high quality recycled paper which in processing show excellent characteristics.

3. Slotted (American) boxes are manufactured on Martin Casemaker, a machine working at speeds up to 26.000 boxes per hour. We can produce these boxes in various sizes (depending on the customer's wishes), with or without flexo print (3 colors).









4. Die-cut boxes are divided into :

• Boxes with auto-lock bottom
• Display boxes
• Packaging for fruits and vegetables












All die-cut boxes are produced on Bobst machine (machine for flat die-cutting and printing with up to 3 colors), with the capacity of 5500 sheets per hour. Also, we are using the machine for rotational die-cutting Bobst Martin, with the capacity of 11000 sheets per hour, with printing capability with up to 4 colors.

5. Laminated boxes are produced on Asitrade laminating machine (machine with the capacity of 3000 sheets per hour) from two-layer / three-layer cardboard sheets coated with chrome cardboard or kunstdruk paper, whereby printing on chrome cardboard or kunstdruk paper is performed in offset technique. This way, we get functional boxes with distinctive marketing effect as a final product.

Since July 2013. Avala Ada owns a system for automatic mixing of glue, resulting in high quality of glue and the stability of all other relevant parameters. During the manufacture of glue we apply a variety of recipes, depending on the type of paper intended for its use.









6. Sticking & bending boxes we make with:
- Bobst Pacific 1.7 maximum size 1600 x 1700 mm
- Vega onda in 1600 the maximum size 1000 x 1400 mm